Saturday, 21 January 2017


hello hi guys . so today i'll be do review on maybeline baby skin pore eraser. before i start i like to tell you guys that i have a combination skin ( oily at my T zone area and dry at certain place) and one more thing something that work for me maybe not going work for you.

first of all i got this at Watsons , around 29 ringgit but the price can turn to 25 to 20 if it on sale. i buy  this last year around february. i still use it until now. i forget to tell you guys this is primer where you wear before you apply your foundation, it can make your face smooth so it easy to apply makeup and it can make your last longer.

it doesn't have scent on it. it just a white transparent colour same like Vaseline but it not oily at all. when you apply on your face it, your face feel smooth.

this is how it look like. 

it really does it job to minimize the pore and create a smooth canvas on your face. my make up stay longer when i'm wearing it compare to when i'm not. it does not leave a sticky feel on your face. 

i think thats all. if you guys need more info you can ask me. since this is my first cosmetic review , i don't really know what i should tell you guys. so bye. till next time.