Monday, 28 October 2013


hello , hi *waves* 
here we go , i'm gonna talk bout the new MV  now by troublemaker ( hyuna & hyunseung ) , 2hyun . or whatever their shipper calling them . 

first the MV rated as 19+ . heyyy , i'm 18 and i already watched it and i bet there are hundreds , kids who are underage already watched this . 

to be honest . i don't suprised at all about the concept . first because there's hyuna , second because their "debut" song last year troublemaker also this kind of concept . 

about the MV . i'm okay with it since im already 18 . u got what i mean . i don't really care about the kiss scene , bed scene ( wooowwwwwwwww ) . hahha . what i understand about this mv , hyuna and hyunseung a couple that have some problem , but they still love each other . so "now" probably mean yang diorang kena bagi tahu apa yang diorang rasa , perasaan diorang . sebelum terlambat . 

but what i like about this MV is hyuna and hyunseung like a badass couple who comeout from manga . hyunseung so handsome and prettyyy . and hyuna with the blue hair so prettyyyyyyy . ohh myy goddd . i love that . 

the song , not my type of song , but it good. but i don't really that kind of song . u know me , i'm a girl who love hiphop songs a lot . so this kind of song just okayyyy for me . 

the stars . i will give 3 and half . heeeee . 

i write this review at 10.32 pm which is time i should study . hee . so little bit kelam kabut . and i'm currently watching secret and the heirs . i hope i'm gonna watch both drama until the ending so i can do reviews . i'm typical person who is watching drama separuh jalan if the storyline boring or too slow . 

byeeeee , anyeongggg :)

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