Monday, 18 November 2013

Update #1

assalamualaikum , hello , hi :)
a quick update . My exam gonna start tomorrow . it going to be end on 25 nov . this is the reason why i don't do any update recently . i'm busy studying (?) , i'm not even sure i'm studying or not. hahah . For the people who ask me to join any giveaway and stuffs , i can't promise i'm gonna join it , but i promise gonna check it after exam . 

I already finished watching Secret , so please get excited for the reviews , about The Heirs pray that i'm gonna watch this till the end . haha . MV reviews ? u guys have any idea which Mv should i do reviews ? drop your comment , okay ? 

Okay i think that's all . Wish me luck for my exam . :)

byeee . anyeonggg . pyeoongggg