Monday, 9 December 2013


assalamualaikum , hello, hi  , anyeong :)
I found this on tumblr like a month ago . I keep postponed to do it . By the way , I decide to update my blog 100 % in english . pardon my broken english . T_T

DAY 1 : First Song You Hear By B.A.P ? 

If as b.a.p ot6 , i will say their debut song Warrior . But if individually Going crazy song ji eun ft Bang Yongguk . And if the song that make me into b.a.p is Never Give up by Bang&Zelo. I was there with b.a.p since Bang&Zelo . It's already two years . omoooo . the longest group that I stan so far . I still remember i'm waiting for their first stage , counting the day. 

I still remember how it so freaking hard to tell who is who during their debut stage. The members that i know that time is Yongguk and Zelo . by the way , the reason i always calling yongguk " Bang " or " Bang Yongguk", because i keep calling him like that since Bang&Zelo . It hard to change it . 

That all . 
Byebyeeeee . Anyeongggg .

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