Wednesday, 11 December 2013



I think the best era are No mercy and oneshot . because during no mercy B.A.P turn 360 degree to super freaking hot guys . especially Yoo Youngjae . During warrior and power era i always put him in the last place. // how dare me // . Youngjae look like he lost a lot of weight // and he baby fat tummy too // LOL .
Bang Yongguk so freaking hot like asdfghhkjkl . I can't explain it . He don't usually wearing bright colour but during no mercy era i can see him wearing very bright yellow shirt on stage . The fanchant during this era also the best , especially during the dance break , the whistle fanchant freaking awesome . I wish i was there . and the songs from no mercy album also the best . I love all the songs .  

One Shot era  . This the moment b.a.p comeback from cute guy to badass guy again . How can i'm not love it. My boys coming back to their style back . The Mv is the best Mv from b.a.p . Why i love this era , because this era , the comeback era for me to b.a.p fandom . Because during Daebaksagon ( Crash ) and Hajima ( Stop it ) era , i was busy with my national exam , i don't have time to check out what happen to b.a.p .

so The endddd ... :)

By the way , who ever put my name in exchange link at your blog . You can delete it since I don't put any linkies in my blog anymore . I'm Sorry >__<

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