Wednesday, 22 January 2014

First update of 2014

hello , assalamualaikum . :)
i don't have any plans to update my blog today , but when i checked my last update . it was a month ago . haha . So i'm just gonna update bout how my life doing . About my blog . i think i'm gonna change the template . // again // hahah . but not now , i'm gonna change it during chinese new year holiday // i wish i can //. 

update #1
my life as a form six student don't give me a chance to be on social network that much , that why i don't update my blog . I have a lot of things to do . My PBS / projects , my homework. i need to do 3 PBS / project this year , for language ( Bahasa melayu ) , for history and general knowledge . please don't expect  form six PBS same as lower form PBS. For history and general knowledge the PBS more look like a mini thesis .

Update #2
as a normal human , i do have some problems . Here and there. i'm scared , worried , paranoid . nahh , i don't know why , everything from my past come to mind like " Heyyy bit* do you remembered me" or and it feel like bangggggggg . the memories that you think your already forget it still there. i'm in depression mood for a few weeks , i try to control but sometimes i can't. 

update #3 
i'm maybe can't update my blog that much. but i will try update it once a week maybe . i will try . and please wish me luck for my projects and my exam. Lastly i wish all of you have a great year and good luck for everything that you guys do. 

So the end . 
byebye :)

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