Friday, 31 January 2014

Hello February

assalamualaikum , hello , hi
 " Hello February and Bye January" . So it already February . Time flies . January not really my month .  . A lot of things happen .

i don't hope so much this month , i hope something like December and January don't come again, i'm tired handle that kind of feelings . I'm just wanna live my life without a lot of problems. I just want to have my life like when i was 17 and 18 . I do have problems but i can handle everything easily. 

Next , finish all my projects on time. i have two project that i need to finish before i present it to teacher. My history projects , half of the part already done . I just need to find books about my project and do the essei and DONE ! I just wanna finish this as soon as possible because i really need time for study . 

Lastly , i just want to keep going with my 2014 resolution . 

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