Monday, 3 February 2014

[ MV REVIEW ] 1004 ( angel ) By B.A.P

Hello i'm back with review .
WARNING : This post contain fangirling mode . 
MV / LYRICS : i don't want talk too much about the mv because i saw someone write a GOOD reviews about the MV .  For me based on the lyrics and the MV this songs talk about a guy who miss the girl that he leave . The main in this MV is Daehyun , other members is the flashback bout himself . Zelo is the younger him , when he still with the girl . Yongguk is daehyun who is try to find back the memories with the girl . Yongjae try to find the girl who already leave this world ( die ) . Jongup try to reach the girl at the other world but he can't. Himchan is daehyun who wanna kill all the memories until he saw the himself in the mirror and decide to kill the old him who is still stuck in the past.

SONGS : The song is nice . Really nice . it totally different from other songs. B.A.P have a lot of pop ballad songs but they never promote ballad songs . So this is first time B.A.P promote this kind of song . I don't know why but I think this gonna be hit . i have that kind of feeling.

DANCE :  Jongup and Zelo dance break at the start really awesome .Totally awesome. The wird dance at the middle of the song , the "crawling-like" dance it look weird . but forget bout it , b.a.p always have the weird  in their song but end up the weird dance be the most hardest dance to do .

B.A.P : it my favorite part . First of all i can see B.A.P improve a lot . Two years stanning them , its more like watching / see  them grow up especially Jongup and Zelo . If compare jongup vocal / part since warrior until now , he totally improve a lot . He even can do high note now.  Yongguk in this MV totally handsome . yongguk with black hair remind me during going crazy era . The era that bang yongguk make me curious bout him . Himchan , is not my bias , i don't get it why people said himchan is handsome . for me he's okay okay . LOL but after oneshot era i think he getting more and more handsome. Jung Daehyun , his hairstyle still the same . Youngjae , since no mercy era he the most handsome member for me . Zelo , this kid growing up mannnnnnnnnnnn. he almost kiss the girl . our maknae .....T_T 

1. 1004 
2. Bang X2
3. With you
4. SNS
5. Save me . 

other songs is good too but this is my top 5 Favorite . 

Overall i give them 10000000000000000000000 STARS . LOL 

i'm sorry .. this post more like fangirling post instead of review. so sorry . Drop your comment tell me what you feel bout this song , mv and album . 

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