Thursday, 20 February 2014

#update 3

Hello , hooooooooo ...
don't ask me why milks picture because i do whatever i want . . LOL . First of all i'm sorry that i don't updated my blog like how i promised . Once in a week . Its already two weeks but i don't update my blog . So lets start !

my first semester result already came out , and i'm okay with my result . 2 b+ is more than enough for me . i know if i can do my history my result gonna be more better . :/ 
during the day the result came out , i don't feel anything until one of my friend got her/his result. look at the result i suddenly felt nervous to the max. Look at them cried make me wanna cry too . I mean , we play together , we studied together but the result is something that they don't expected . The things make me sad more, when some of them decide to stop , for me my friends is my source of energy . They're the reason why i manage go to school everyday . i don't know what gonna happen to me without them. :/

Lately , everything see like in the mess . I'm feel so tired , angry for no reason . and sometime i raised my voice to someone that i shouldn't :/ i stressed . The expectation from my parents sometimes killing me slowly . The burden to be the oldest sister just make me so tired. I need to be example for them blablalbla . that's what people always said to me. 

The fact there's certain people always stayed by my side no matter what i did to them , make me more stressed. i'm totally not a good friend to be with . selfish , ego , annoying ....... everything that people don't like is inside me . sometimes i really wanna ask them , how can they stand to be someone like me ? Why ? Why don't just leave me alone , like how normal people gonna do ? Why you always there ? Why you still with me ? 

 I believe that becoming an adult isn’t when time passes and you become 20 years old, but once you’re prepared to go through the many unknown events in the future then you become a true adult at that moment - MOON JONGUP

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