Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Hello guys . I take a few minutes from my study time to update.
Life as a student, still same. Stressful, tired....
But today I’m going to talk relationship. Since I saw a lot of people love to talk about crush, love and stuffs on twitter.

Lately I always talk about my ‘crush’. It’s been awhile since I have a crush. Hahahah. Talking about ‘crush’ I’m not the girl who always takes the ‘crush’ thingy seriously. I’m just going to like ‘someone’ and after a few weeks or months my feeling going to back to neutral.

I don’t know why, I don’t want to be in relationship. For at my age if I’m in relationship I must take this thing seriously. My parents want me to married before 30 and now 19 that mean in 10 years I must already marry. 10 years not a short time. :/

Besides, I want accomplished my dream before I married. I want a stable career; I want to make sure all my PTPTN debt settled, I must have a house and a car. Everything needs to be accomplished before I’m married. Sound impossible right ?

The main reason why I don’t want to be in relationship is, I’m scared . I’m scared I’m not good enough to him; I’m not the kind of girl that he actually like plus I scared he actually not the kind of boy that I like.
Whatever is it. God already made human in couple. I know god already keep someone for me. Now or later I’m going to meet him.

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