Thursday, 13 March 2014

#update5 : me , myself

Lately I always asked myself, where the old me, why I like this.
Every morning, I look at myself, smile and told myself bear it everything going to be alright.
I step into the school that I never felt belong to. Again I told myself it going to be alright.
Sometimes I feel like I’m alone.
Maybe I’m the one who selfish, ego, annoying.
Maybe I’m the one who started it first.
Maybe this is what we called karma.
What you did, you get it back.
Maybe I’m just an unlucky girl.
Maybe my fate is to be alone forever.
Maybe I’m not good enough.
Maybe I’m the bad girl.
Hurt? Yes I am.
Tired? Yes I am.
Sometimes feel like want to give up.
Sometimes I told myself this is not the first time, and why it hurts me so much.
Sometimes I feel like want to run away, looking for myself back.
I hope ‘they’ going to tell me that it’s okay.
I hope ‘they’ going to stop pushing me.
I hope ‘they’ see how tired I am fight alone.
The expectation from everyone is killing me.
I really hope there is someone beside me listens to my story.
I need a good listener.
But at the same time i don’t want to burden to anyone.
I know everyone else also have a problem.
I don’t want to be selfish.

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