Sunday, 8 June 2014

Current Favorites

hello, assalamualaikum guys. 
i'm sorry that i don't update my blog almost a month. i should update my blog right after i'm done with my exam. sorry. so today i'm gonna update mu current favorites . so let's start . 


  • Love you till Death - Taeyang
  • Eyes, Nose , Lips - Taeyang 
  • Don't Flirt - Ukiss
  • 8 Dayz ( Korean Version ) - Megan lee ft Junhyung of Beast
  • 8 Dayz ( English Version ) - Megan Lee
Tbh , i keep played all the songs from taeyang's dan ukiss album . because they're too good.

  • You're Surrounded
this the only drama that i'm watching right now and i'm just in love with it. wait the review :)

Variety Show
  • The Return of Superman
  • Roommate 
 for roommate i'm watching it because of Park Bom and i don't really like how they try so hard to put the love lines.

Okay that's all. btw there's two reviews coming up next . please get excited . lol


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