Tuesday, 29 December 2015

what i learn from 2015

salam , hello, hi
i'm currently writing this with my roommates in room . it so awkward.  haha . and i just packed half of my things to go back to kajang, for semester break. yeeaahhh :D

okay lets start. ada 4 hari lagi sebelum 2016. what i learn from 2015 ? and how about my 2015 resolution? i do write this kinda post every year but some of it never been publish and some of it has been deleted. this year i'm planning to do End of the Year series kinda thing. which is i post my favourite drama, songs, and other things everyday until the end of 2015. but i don't think i do have times to do that, since i'm struggling study for my final exam. but i will, do the post about my favorite drama and songs for 2015, but i don't know when. but i will do that and for sure i will post my 2016 resolution. i'm still thinking what i should put on my 2016 resolution, so wait for that .

so back to the topic, what i learn from 2015 ? 2015 , start with a really good things happen. i start working, i earn my own money and buy a lot of things with my own money. i be one of the best stpm's student and i start my life as a university's student at UMK. For sure not everything at UMK is a good thing and not everything is bad thing neither.

i learned a lot from university's life. i meet a new people which is some of them end up be my friend and stay with me until the end of the semester. this is what i grateful for. at first i was so scared that i will end up be a lone ranger. as usual i switch from one friend to other friend to find the one who can accept me for who i am. and yes it so difficult. i always end up crying because i don't think i can fit in with this people. everything is so so new to me. i'm that kind of person who scared to going out from my comfort zone and try a new things. but i manage to control everything, and i'm still try to fit in.
i learned how to manage my time, .. even though i'm actually a 3K type of student. ( kolej, kafe, katil). but i manage my time well to finish up all my assignments on time . ( thanks to experience from form six).

there's a few bad things happen but lets not talk bout that. let's think postive and move forwards. :)

how bout 2015 resolution . almost all of them fail . hahaha . especially the part ' nak kurus'. i'm actually gaining weight more since i'm in kelantan. i'm basically don't my diet really well. i eat everything i want and a lot of unhealthy food. luulzzzz .

so i guess that's all .
gonna see you guys in a few days, to update bout my favourite of 2015.
if that post not up before 2016. that's mean i will post on january 2016 .
before that, i wanna wish you guys happy new year. may 2016 give you guys a lot of happiness and lets start new year with positive mind :)

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