Friday, 3 June 2016

Old songs

Do you ever have this certain feeling bila played you old favourite songs or maybe you the songs that u used to listen. The feeling , that you don't know how to describe. The songs, when you listen u can see what was you back then, the struggle, the sadness and the memories.

Recently, for no reason i start to listened the song that i have in my phone. It been awhile since i update the song in my phone and i've been playing my current favourite songs on joox and spotify. When I listened to them , the memories of each songs come across to my mind. Each song have their own era , the era which i struggle with people around me , hate myself and been depressed. The songs when i listen to it back then i will cry. But now the songs just the songs.

I realised how much i growing up, how much that I've been through and now i can said that i already move on from all the past.

I always scared to listen to the old songs because I don't want to remember all the bad memories. I scared that the memories will haunt me again. I don't want to delete the song because it parts of my journey. I know there will a time that i will come and listen to it again.

So yeah. Im back after a long time. Nothing much i want to say. I just feel like wanna write so here i am. ✌🏻️

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