Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Asalamualaikun . Hello guys .
Since i already promise that i will do the haul post . So here i am. Even though the haul is back to school haul but 90% of the item not school related. But this is the things i need before going back to university tomorrow. Yeahh . I'm going back to university tomorrow night.

So lets start. First thing is the thing i bought from watsons.

I bought this safi balqis 'set ayu' . I got this for 24 ringgit if i'm not mistaken. I used this before , but i change to aiken since i've been breakout a lot due to stress and lack of sleep. And now since i rarely breakout so i decide to going back to this .

since there is offer at watsons i got this sunflower moisturing and brightening mask only for 4 ringgit. i already used it. and it feel so good on my skin. after using it i can feel my skin feel so soft and good. hee

Next things i got from yubisoo. This is a japanese that sell a lot of beauty , and other things at cheaper price. Kinda like daiso.

I got this cotton pad for 5 ringgit anf it have 150 sheets in it. It really thin . Good to apply toner and you can use this to make mask. 

i got this wet tissues in a pack which is contain 10 wet tissues for 5 ringgit. the best thing is , tissues tu dia pack satu satu ( rujuk gambar). so senang nak bawak pergi mana mana. i already used it and it does not irritate my skin. that's the important things.

i got this brush for 10 ringgit. i got this brush since i don't know where i put my brush. so i buy the new one. this brush is so soft. as long as it did not irritate my face , i'm okay with it.

i got this lure light liquid lipstick for 15 ringgit. i'm a lipstick junkie . i love lipstick. so when i see this i just feel like i should get one. it hard to apply since i'm not a fan of liquid lipstick. and its not kiss proof. i got in colour 07.

okay next two things is from MR.DIY. it basically my favourite place to find cute but cheap school supply.

since i'm in university and i don't really need note books. so i just got this one. because its cute. and i plan to use this bring this to class instead a paper. because if i bring only papers i always end up don't know where the papers go. lol. so books is the safe way to take note in lecture class.

since i still have my pens from last semester so i did not buy a lot. just a basic ball point from faber castle. all time fav. and sticky notes. to mark my text books and notes. 

this things i got from a bookstore at my place called chipzlee. it a colouring book that i got for my friend as a birthday gift. it so pretty. it said 'bilmil jeongwan' means secret garden. it so pretty. i should get one for myself.

next, rice mask wash off from skinfood. i get this from online shop called althea. i never buy anything from althea. this is my first time. if you want me to do a review about althea or talk more about althea. comment down below. i will try to do it. 

 i buy this zero sebum powder from etude house at hermo. another online shop. at first i want to buy the mineral no sebum powder from inisfree. but everytime i want to buy it. it always run out of stock. so i decide to try this one. i never heard about this loose powder. so i will do the review soon.

the last things is also from hermo. this inisfree auto eyebrow pencil. i got this for only 13 ringgit. i lost my eyebrow pencil so i need a new one at i got this pencil because it is the cheapest pencil i saw on hermo. hahah. i'm not sure how it work since i don't use it yet. i got in colour black. 

so that's all. see you again next time.

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