Friday, 19 August 2016


hi , asalamualaikum .
here little update. as u can see i publish a lot of post lately and this is my third for this week. i decide to blogging back. as much as i can and with passion. its not like before this i don't have passion to write. but this time, i think i will give more contain in my blog. not just about me, it going to be tips, beauty, lifestyle, book review and drama/movie review. before i find a things that really suit me i'm going to do all. hehehe. 

there's going to be a new series called TALK101. i already post my first TALK101 yesterday. why i named it TALK101 , i don't really know, i think its cool. hehehe. TALK101 can be 100% malay, 100% english or both. up to me and the topics . 

i have another series that i still thinking to do or not. it KDRAMA vs KDRAMA. which i compared two dramas that i think have similarities in term of storyline , time slot have kinda a similar feeling to it. it up to me. but the series going to be hard to do since, i need to watch both drama until the end even i don't feel like to watch it. 

i have a lot of books to review since i read a lot this month and last month. u can see how much free time i have, that i can read and watch korean drama and do other stuffs. lulz. about the book reviews i decide to reviews all the books and post it one by one. so every week i have one book review.

yesterday , i ordered a few things from online shop. so a haul going to up and a review.  and ...... what else? i tried my best to reorganize my blog. so i will make a schedule to the post that i will post. for example monday will be kdramas. i still not sure. i still thinking like the right day for every post.

Last, I'm going back to university soon. for who do not know i'm a second year student, degree in entreprenuership ( health entreprenuership) at one of IPTA in malaysia. i will try my best to update as best as i can and try to follow the schedule. and last , there's book review coming soon and drama review since i just finished watch this drama.

so byeee for now :)

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Eeiou _ said...

Can't wait for the haul heheh
Good luck in blogging!