Monday, 22 August 2016


asalamualaikum and hi. 
since it time to back to school / university. there's a people who gonna start their degree life soon. congratulationssss .. for those yang tak dapat UPU, relax. this is not the end , you still boleh rayuan. 

here we go. #tipsmasuku. if you ask me what the hardest thing to be in university. it not the class, not the subject, not the assignment and not the facilities but how to deal with people. people i mean , it can be your lecturer, it can be your roomate, it can be your friends , it can be your groupmate or it can be the workers there. 

there's a lot type of people  you gonna meet ; nice , bad, look nice but ehhhh , introvert, talk a lot , self centered. there is a lot of people. because there's a lot people you need to choose the right person to be friend with. Its okay to be friend with everyone , but at the certain time you need to be little bit selfish. 

University is not like school where there is a teacher to always guide you. In university you need to do everything on your own. Your parents not going to be there for you, to watch you, to always guide you. There is time where you need to solve everything on your own, you need to deal with it. 

The most important thing to deal with people is, control your emotion. Especially the one who have short tempered.  Short tempered is easily to get annoyed , i know because i am, but learn to control it try your best not to get angry easily. I have hard time to control my emotion at first, every single thing that people do can make me angry but slowly i learned how to control it. 

As i said before sometime we need to be little bit selfish. Especially when you need to protect yourself. You need to have your own stand ( pendirian) . If something that people ask you to do is not good for you feel free to say no. You have the right to say so. 

Life in university going to be hard because you need to deal with a lot of people and things. But some good friends can make the hard is easy to get through. You can create a lot of memories. Sometimes university can be turning point to certain people where they be better person because they meet such a good friends. 

Last, no matter what you stand, who you be friends , what cost did you take , remember to always respect people. If you want to get respect from people you need to respect people first. And always remember why you come to study in university, remember your parents and always pray to god, to make everything easier for you.

So thats all. Congratulation to whoever going to further study soon and goodluck. 

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Eeiou _ said...

yes and don't give a shit on other's stuff, you're going to be hate if you do so.
HAHAHA Its reality XD