Friday, 13 January 2017

recap of 2016 , hello 2017

hello, hi guys. first post for 2017. i know it kinda late for a 2017 post. but better than never. first of all i just want to say sorry because i promise you guys to keep update my  blog but it never happen. it because of school, my wifi connection at my dorm area are suck. i seriously can not do anything about it. even if i want to watch any drama, i need to go to the computer lab download it and watch at home. but i can't go to computer lab everyday since i have classes to attend.

2016 ???????? i can not say it going well. it definitely not. i totally not me in 2016. i j feel lazy, depressed, not motivated for almost all year especially during the second half of the year. i almost give up on my study because i don't feel like doing it. not because it was hard but i don't feel motivated at all. i skipped a lot of class. i'm basically a mess. add up with tons of group assignments which half of the group member not doing their job properly. i lost my sleep, my sleep routine also a mess. i sleep at 5 or 6 wake up at 12 or 1 if i have morning class i need to wake up at 6.30.  lucky enough i have a great friends to help me during those time, my close friends from school, my university friends. at least they are there when i need them , when i need someone to talk. and now i'm done with my semester three and going to semester four in february also i think i'm doing pretty well on my final exam. 

2017, as usual praying and try to be a better version of me. read more books, improve my knowledge, the way i write, vocabulary and etc. spend more time to think positive instead of negative. i also start to do bullet jounal. i'm still try here and there to find what i really want to do with my journal. i definitely going to show you guys my bullet journal when i'm satisfied with it. 

Last 2017 , a better me , inshaallah. till next time.  byeeeee . 

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